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 The third world water day 2014 – symposium event #3 – Bay Requiem

Monday, March 17th, 2014 Noon to 1:30pm at Hayward Shoreline Interprative Center, 4901 Breakwater Ave. Hayward and online at in conjunction with Waterwheel World Water Day Symposium 2014. 

  • This March the Milkbar is pleased to be collaborating with Australia’s Waterwheel project ( to host 2 live “nodes” of their weeklong global online festiva, World Water Day 2014, about the intersection of art and wate.The Bay Requiem project is a new work-in-progress by choreographer Nina Haft, Mary Armentrout, Ian Winters and Lauren Elder. The project began with a filmed performance at the Hayward shoreline during the King tides of Jan 2014, and continues in a relayering of performance material and visual material online, and, on the hayward shoreline.To attend in person please meet us at the Hayward Shoreline Interprative Center, 4901 Breakwater Drive in Hayward, CA at noon on Monday March 17th, 2014.

    For full 3WD14 Symposium program:

    about the showing – Open Rehearsal for Bay Requiem – Session #3 of Symposium

    March 17, 2014 at 12n, PST

    Location: Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center, Hayward, CA

    A core group of dancers has begun working together with common questions and concerns about water at heart. Our event is an open rehearsal, a window into how we exploring questions through movement improvisation. This event is part of our creative research for a future immersive dance theatre event on the Bay shoreline.

    Also on tap, you will see footage from our video shoot during King Tide 2014 at the Hayward shoreline.

    Improvisational structures:

    Predictability vs. unpredictability – we don’t know when and how much water will come. This makes it hard to feed ourselves;

    Displacement – too much water or not enough forces us to move, adapt or die. This happens to plants, animals and people, entire cultures and their histories;

    Drought vs. flood – what it is to have too much or not enough water. How we hold that experience alone and together.

    We will move and talk about what we are doing. We welcome your questions.



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