The Projects Room at the MilkBar : Our build-out is nearly complete and we hope to begin accepting applications again in FALL 2016.  We expect the new program to be broadly comparable but the details will change.
WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS DUE TO THE MOVE — BUT If you have questions or are interested in being a resident artist or company — please contact us.
Historical information about the projects room program is below. We plan re-start a broadly similar program at our new home in Richmond, but for now the information below is strictly historical.

What you get [got]:

A room with a view, a month of your life, art (your own)And well more practically,a gorgeous light filled industrial room w/ floor to ceiling windowsplenty of powerleft alone / 24 hour workspaceUp to 15 hours/mo access to our main studio space w/ sprung floor, lighting, sound. Additional dance studio rental hours and access to other equipment (such as 24″ epson printer, and media equipment) by special arrangement and modest charge.tea kettle and a fridge of one’s own[WAS] located in the inimitable sunshine biscuit factory complex (many acres  of post-industrial goodness). [our new space is in richmond, near bridge art and storage.

2 optional chances to share ideas / work in progress:

a studio showing of work in progress to others in the project space program sometime during your month

an installation / studio exhibition at the end of your month or in the next milkbar salon

How to apply:

Send us a brief project proposal (under a page would be great), a short bio or CV as a pdf, and links to recent work-samples. Our email is [email protected]



  • What it costs:$300 for the month.Subject to scheduling availability, there is also the possibility of scheduling additional rehearsal time in the main studio ($8/hr), and use of our 24″ large format printer ($4/sf).
  • How to visit: email us and we can arrange a visit, or come to the next salon
  • More about the projects room: It’s a lovely totally seperate work room about 14′ x 40′ that shares a common wall with our main studio space. We use it for special projects that need periods of time to build / assemble / play.
  • selected recent residents & projects:
        1. Abby Crain and David Buuck
        2. ALICE arts (Helen Stolzfus and Albert Greenberg)
        3. Sheena Johnson / rebel home
        4. Daniel Konhauser
        5. Lauren Baines
        6. Gillian Garro and Evangel King
        7. Rachel Holdt
        8. Laurie Halsey Brown and the senseofplacelab
        9. Erin Malley / malleabledance theater
        10. Arielle Brown
        11. Heather Frasch and Afrooz Family
        12. the labor and accident project of blindsight / paige starling sorvillo (a joint project with subterranean art house)
        13. David Coll, Ricardo Rivera and Kim Anno
        14. mary armentrout’s the woman invisible project
        15. ian winters memory table project